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Description about the DataSHIELD servers

 The DataSHIELD packages are deployed to a server (either Opal or Armadillo). The server provides support for authentication and authorisation, along with request dispatch support.

The servers are also responsible for the managed access to databases and other data sources.

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Visit DataSHIELD project GitHub

The source for the DataSHIELD environment is stored in a number of repositories on GitHub. The main ones are:

  • dsBase
  • dsBaseClient
  • dsDanger
  • dsDangerClient
  • datashield-infrastructure

DataSHIELD as a Data Custodian

DataSHIELD is regularly expanding.

Although DataSHIELD currently provides a unique approach to the analysis of sensitive data, it is necessarily subject to the same set of pre-requisites that are faced by any valid approach to the analysis or joint co-analysis of research data – particularly, sensitive health or social research data. 

Analysts are prevented from seeing or copying the individual-level data (microdata) that underpin the analyses required, and yet those same analyses are typically fully efficient from a statistical perspective. Embedded privacy-protection traps guard actively against - and facilitate detection of – attempts based on analytic results to identify individual data subjects or to infer the value of particular variables in given subjects.